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"The Heart's Shout", by Adi Da Samraj

A chapter from:

The Heart's Shout
Perfect and Urgent Wisdom From The Living Heart of Reality,
The Incarnate Divine Person, Adi Da, (The Da Avatar)

Excerpts from this chapter are featured in the regular "posts" section of this blog, under the title "The Heart's Shout". As I also said in the "posts" section, I'm shying away from writing an introduction to this man, (other than he was a controversial spiritual leader who passed away in 2008), because his life was so complex and his writings so prolific that I honestly wouldn't know where to start. This chapter of this particular book is just a very tiny bit of all that he wrote and spoke about, so I believe it would be wise for readers to not make any snap-judgements, until they become more familiar with his (very extensive) works and the story of his life. But in the meantime, this writing on the subject of orgasm might be "interesting", to say the least.

When he speaks of "conventional orgasm" and "degenerative orgasm", he's talking about men's ejaculation in acts other than for procreation. His writings address women as well, but you'd have to read a lot more of his work to get his take on what is degenerative in their orgasms.


Adi Da Samraj  (1939-2008)

Sex is a heart-matter. The heart is the basis, the foundation, the seat, of your sexuality. This is what you must discover, and the sooner you discover it the better for you.

The genitals are not the platform of sex. They are only the means of sex. The heart is the platform of sex. When you are sane, this is simply true. Sane sexuality is love expressed. If you energize yourself sexually over and over again, you lose your heart. You become fleshy, cold, opaque, unnatural, diseased, mad. People who are addicted to sexuality in itself are mad. Like alcohol or drugs, sex is a loveless automaticity that destroys people's lives. Sex is just as destructive as alcohol and drugs. And perhaps it is even a more common addiction . . .

Feeding creates a pleasurable sensation in the body that the baby identifies and makes it feel comfortable, sustained, protected. The adult gets a similar satisfaction from sexuality. Sexual intercourse is a way of feeding on energy. It is a pleasurable sensation that you can identify. It makes you feel good, because it is a contact with life-energy. But, just as nursing makes the baby feel dependent for life-energy on what is outside it, so sexuality makes you feel that you have a very dependent relationship to the energy of existence. This feeling of dependence, however, is false.

In truth, you yourself are a representative of the universal life-energy, which you communicate through your feeling response in your relations, through love, not only through orgasm and occasions of physical contact. Therefore, if your life is to be true, the energy that you now identify exclusively with sex must be your consistent manifestation, under all conditions, in all of your relations, most particularly in the intimate sexual dimension of your life. But being able to have orgasms and being sexually attractive and athletic does not make you a true lover. Even your relatively successful adaptation to the orgasm must change, because, like feeding, it is a way of being consoled and dependent.

My Wisdom-Teaching relative to sexuality is that you must go beyond the dependent orientation that seeks to acquire pleasure. You must realize the inherent pleasurableness of existence by connecting to the greater levels of the Food Source, the greater levels of sustenance, or Spiritual Energy. Thus, you must see your capability to be released pleasurably through orgasm for what it is - at best a rudimentary way of feeling good, of acquiring pleasure.

You must already be full of pleasure. You must be love. If you live as love, then the purpose once served by the conventional orgasm appears to your understanding as an old adaptation, a form of memory like the aberrated emotions of guilt, fear, and anger. The conventional orgasm is exactly the same kind of aberrated development as guilt or fear or anger. It is the expression of a primarily physical reaction, a physical recoil rather than an emotional one. It is a sign on the physical level of the same recoil that guilt and fear and anxiety and withdrawal from life signify at the emotional level.

People learn orgasm. Orgasm is a form of adaptation that people learn at an early stage of life, even earlier than they become genitally active. People learn orgasm in being sustained, in nursing. They learn it in the pleasurable bodily states that they may realize early in life, and they associate those acquired pleasurable states with a continual connection to life-energy. When you discover your capability for orgasm, you identify it at the most rudimentary level, just as you identify the pleasure of nursing as an infant. It is a solution to the dilemma of life, to the sense of emptiness, of needing to be fed, of feeling that you are not inherently one with infinite pleasure, or Love-Bliss.

Emotion and sexuality are the same. If you are adapted only to reactive, negative emotions, then your sexuality will take a very similar form. Thus, lovelessness and the rejection of life-energy at the level of emotion are reflected as conventional orgasm and the rejection of life-energy at the level of sex. The conventional orgasm is precisely the rejection, or discharge, of life-energy. In later years, people become ritually addicted to this pleasure, this physical emotion of the orgasm. They constantly hope to acquire it again and again, and their lives become very complex so that they can acquire that pleasure.

Unless one privately masturbates, one generally depends on sexual intimacy with another individual for orgasm. But, in general, the life you spend with people with whom you have orgasms is like conventional orgasm itself. It is loveless, a recoil from relationship. It is a theatre of jealousy, anger, fear, mediocrity, subhuman energy, and mutual stimulation to the point of acquiring conventional orgasms. It is a life of conflict, a life lived at a very low level. The fundamental function of emotional-sexual intimacy for most people is to satisfy this drive toward orgasm. But one cannot have the life of conventional orgasm without the life of negative emotions, because they represent the same negative adaptation. Thus, you must not only become responsible for your negative emotions and be present as feeling-attention, in all relations and under all conditions. You must also become responsible sexually, because emotion and sexuality represent the same level of adaptation and responsibly. Sexuality is the physical drama of the emotional dimension of life.

Many people who are presently sexually active have been sexually active since very early in their lives. Even if you have not, your early emotional adaptation to the conditions of life determined your sexual pattern in the future. Thus, even if there were no overt sexual incidents in your early life, you childhood, your early teens, before you became regularly active sexually, there were emotional incidents that created a double-bind, an emotional dilemma of pleasure versus fear and guilt. This feeling obstruction then appeared with you became sexually active.

Emotion and sexuality are exactly the same thing. There is absolutely no difference between them. Whatever you are emotionally, you are sexually. Whatever you are sexually, you are emotionally. And whatever you are emotionally and sexually, that is what you are as a living presence. That is your relationship to the life-force, upon which further growth depends. If you are obstructed emotionally and obstructed sexually, you are also obstructed in the energy of the living being. You are obstructed in the psyche, in the feeling dimension, and thus you are prevented from realizing the fourth stage of life and adapting to the functional levels of the bodily being above the navel. You may have occasional contact with the depth that is the feeling heart, but you will not be full and mature at the level of the heart. Your whole life will essentially be spent below it.

So it is that, in becoming a loving presence in the world, you must not only cease to dramatize all the contractions of emotion - you must also transcend the conventional orgasm. Such orgasm, the conventional "hype" of sexuality, is loss of life-energy, the discharge of life-energy. It is the degenerative form of living and of sexual intimacy. It is the craving for sustenance, because you have adapted to the loss of life-energy. There is a certain momentary pleasure associated with conventional orgasm, but its effects are psychologically and emotionally degenerative. It constantly reinforces negative emotional states, not the life of love.

Conventional orgasm is also physically degenerative. When there is conventional orgasm, the body also eliminates certain glandular chemistries, with the discharge of the life-force, that are absolutely essential to its own regeneration and growth. Likewise, conventional orgasm reinforces the fixation of attention on the lower body. As long as the fixation of attention is reinforced pleasurably and with some consistency in the lower body, attention will not rise to the higher functional dimensions of the body. Thus, the conventional orgasm represents the loveless orientation to life-energy whereby that energy is lost and attention is trapped in negative emotion and in the most descended, of fleshy, capability for experience.

It is not the pleasure associated with sexual intimacy that is wrong. Sexual pleasure is not in principle wrong. However, the usual person's use of it, the usual person's relationship to it, is degenerative and an expression of a negative emotional adaptation. Pleasure is associated with the loss of life-energy. In your casual adaptation, pleasure and death, sex and death, eroticism and death, have always been felt to be the same event. You must, in your right emotional and sexual adaptation, discover the pleasure that is inherent in life. You must realize a regenerative form of the whole process of life, including your sexuality. You must find the way of enjoying sexual intimacy whereby life-energy is not lost, you do not discharge life-energy in order to achieve pleasure, and you love another, completely Happy and free in your life together.

In present-day societies there are essentially two approaches to orgasm. Many traditional Spiritual societies, the remnants of which appear in the Orient, regard orgasm as sinful and ignorant because it is loss of life-energy. It signifies the confinement of attention to the lower life, whereas in this traditional view attention properly belongs to the ascended life, purposed to the Realization of God, Truth, and Reality. Thus, in these traditional Eastern societies, one is to be loving in intimate relations, but sexually properly has only a generative purpose and no other.

The alternative point of view, which is represented by Western society, acknowledges that one should be intimate and a loving and caring person, and also maintains that orgasms are good. In fact, you should have as many of them as you like, casually and pleasurably and athletically, with as many people as you can care for, or who can care for you - you are all familiar with all that psychiatric nonsense.

But apart from either of these limited points of view, there is a regenerative form of the sexual process, one that permits people to be intimate with one another and also to be sexually active not merely on occasions when they want to produce children. The obligation of such people is a fully human one. They must be responsible for their lower life through love, through intention. They must not casually indulge themselves sexually with one another but embrace only on occasions of mutual love-desire. Their sexuality is not aberrated by inwardness, egoic "self-possession", imagery, or loveless physical contact. On the contrary, they are obliged, through esoteric instruction, to the conversion of the orgasm itself, so that in moments of the crisis of pleasure that naturally appears in sexual play, the life-energy is not thrown off, not merely used to create explosive sensations in the lower physical body. Life-energy is consciously conserved and released into the whole body from its fixation in the genitals, and in participation with the Living Divine Spirit-Presence.

If individuals who become capable of love through application to My Wisdom-Teaching and devotion to Me (Note to Reader: in the language of Adi Da, that of the guru-disciple tradition, "Me" actually means "God") will also adapt to this regenerative form of sexual practice, they may very well, since orgasm will have ceased to be the justification for sexuality, come relatively soon to a stage wherein the occasions of actual genital intimacy are less frequent but more profound than was previously the case. They will realize, in their continued growth, the essential pleasurableness of existence that transcends the conventional sexual motive. Even though sexual contact may continue throughout the entire lifetime of such devotees in the Way of the heart, they realize a greater adaptation, a greater pleasurableness, a greater ecstasy, wherein they no longer require degenerative release in order to feel emotional and physical pleasure.

(the "note" in the above paragraph is in the book, I didn't insert it. K.M.)

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