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Nasalam's Phallic Manifesto

The Fire Circle at Nasalam


That the body of every man connects with the universe through the phallus.

That the phallus is in every man a divine contact point with the Universal Male Principle, an ultimate power of love and creation.

That devotion to the phallus is a sacred commitment and is a worthy purpose for a lifetime.

That all men are connected to each other through the phallus.

That service to and for the phallus is an ultimate good and a devotion that is beneficial to all.

That there is no higher good than love and worship of the phallus.

That the phallus is the living and shining presence of god in man.


That when I gaze on or consider the phallus, my heart is filled with joy and love, and my life has a clear purpose.

That when I experience the phallus in any way I am in the presence of god-energy.

That the deeper my love grows for the sacred phallic energy the better my life becomes and the better I am as a man.


That the mainstream of the culture in which I live deems the love and worship of the phallus to be sacrilegious and dangerous.

That prevalent religious and political movements consider the love and worship of the phallus and its power to be evil.

That the pure, generous and absolute love for the phallus and the sacred energy it embodies and radiates has been damaged, tainted, and saturated with guilt and fear.

That I have been conditioned throughout my life to carry much of this fear and negativity in my personality.

That my worship requires that I learn to recognize this for what it is, educate myself to the truth, and work to enable my worship of the phallus and its divine energy to become progressively more pure, more strong and more constant.


My Heart: my love and my life-energy to the glory and worship of the phallic god, as it manifests through the cosmos, within nature, and is it manifests in individual men.

My Mind: as a useful tool to be used to devise ways to worship and adore the phallic in nature and in my fellow men.

My Imagination: to conceive greater and more universal connections from phallus to phallus, from the individual cock of any man to the universal male principle that creates and maintains the cosmos.

My Body: as a vessel of adoration and devotion, as a way of achieving the greatest good a man can know: seeing the phallus, smelling the phallus, tasting the phallus, holding the phallus.


To live so that my life energy serves to actively love the universal phallus through the practicum of giving pleasure and love to the locus of god and cosmic knowledge in each and all men as it is focused and is it flows through their loins, through and within each man's phallus. This is my goal, this is my service, this is my purpose.

I SWEAR, before witnesses and peers:

To honor and serve and maintain, to the best of my ability, those individuals, groups and communities of like-minded men that come together, with serious intent, in the name of and for the love and honor and worship of the god-in-man, the Primal Phallus.

By my own volition and from the sacred depths of my heart and being, I give myself as a member for life to the society of men who solemnly undertake to live by the above beliefs and principles.


  1. Thank you, brave, restful, passionate brother. Your words are my words. My heart expands to absorb the excellence of your knowledge in God and the love and life force that is sourced from the magnificent eternal Phallus.

  2. Keepers at the Tree of Life

    My penis is God's penis.
    God's penis is my penis.

    My whole manly being is an expression of God's penis.
    God's penis is expressed through my manly being.

    Penis is the center wellspring of the universe.

    Penis is the locus of the first symbol, the first metaphor, and the Earthly site of special, humble, spectacular visits -scattered and numerous - by the Great Spirit.

    We see that it is ebulliently and consummately manly that a core corps of men are set aside in each generation to glorify Penis with abandon and delight, and without recklessness toward His bodies of men, women, children, and animals. A man's appreciation of Penis is unique and essential for Penis to delight fully in the excellence of Penis. Such is the joy that powers the universe.

    God's penis is the tree of life.
    My manhood springs from the tree of life.

    Not all men are chosen as direct, intimate keepers, and that is good and agreeable.
    Other men, the final tally of whom is hidden, may be less intimate keepers of God's Penis.

    Some men are small and young in their journey, and they speak and act with petulant wrath because they cannot see they are frustrated by relationships with God that belong to others.

    God's mysterious and eternal bounty brings men infinite, silver dragons. I am both dragon and dragon master.

    My semen is God's semen.
    Semen came first and always was. Semen enables mother's milk.

    I am my penis.
    I am God's penis.
    God is my penis.
    God is penis.
    Penis is God.

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