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John Veltheim on Nudism

This is the link to John Veltheim's writings on nudism called "Naked Beneath Your Clothing". It covers many of the usual "issues" about nudism, but what I think is just as important is his writing on the health benefits of it. Some of the section titles are " The Metaphysics of Nudism", "Effects of Clothing on Energy Flow", "The Bioenergetics of Naturism", and "The Body as an Electrical Field". ( At some other time I might post another bit of writing, by other authors, on the benefits of going barefoot, or "grounding"...it's all the same thing, energy-wise.)

I know this all sounds like it's in the form of a long & boringly cerebral book, but it's not...it's just a healthy chunk of writing that I feel will make you even more enthusiastic about being and staying butt-nekkid as much as possible.

Digambara Jain monks, India

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