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John Ince on Erotophobia

"The Politics of Lust" by John Ince

Intro from the Pivotal Press website:

Sex is one of the great joys of life, satisfying to the body, sublime to the soul. No wonder that most of us say that we relish erotic experience.
But when we examine our sexual psychology with a careful eye, we will find a reservoir of fear.

Eroticism secretly disturbs us.
Yet the existence of this pervasive sexual anxiety is not widely recognized.

John Ince
The Politics of Lust exposes our hidden sexual malaise and the fascinating subliminal system that breeds it in the minds of millions of people. The challenging ideas set out in this book will give you a radical new perspective on your sexuality and your society.


Intro from the book "The Politics of Lust":

Though modern society seems enthusiastic about sex, most of us secretly fear our own sexuality and that of other people. This condition (called erotophobia) has deep roots in our culture: the first reference in the Bible to human emotions involves the fear of genitals, in the story of Adam and Eve. Yet few people are aware of the condition or the complex political system that breeds it. This ignorance is unfortunate because erotophobia powerfully affects not only our sexuality but also many other aspects of our life. It even affects the way we vote!


  1 Solitary Fig-leafing
  2 Social Fig-leafing
  3 Genital Purdah
  4 Genital Censorship
  5 Lust Phobia
  6 The Enemies of Playful Sex
  7 Attacking Youthful Lust
  8 Mandatory Monogamy
  9 The Sexual Hush
10 Porn War
11 Secluding Sex
12 Prostitution Prohibitions
13 Homo Hatred
14 Nasty Sex
15 Rigid People Fear Sex
16 The Politics of Lust

Sample Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 15 Rigid People Fear Sex
This is the most challenging chapter in the book. While the preceding chapters show how erotophobia is learned through negative experiences involving sex and genitals, this chapter shows that erotophobia is also a by-product of common personality traits, characterized by dogmatism, physical tension, and emotional inhibition. Such traits can be acquired entirely outside the sexual domain of life. They are prevalent in members of police and military organizations, fundamentalist religions, and social elites. This chapter offers an exciting new perspective on the relationship of personal rigidity and sexual fear.

Chapter 16 The Politics of Lust
The ultimate cause of erotophobia is social inequality. Hierarchic social relationships in families and social institutions are especially conducive to the key causes of erotophobia: antisexual behavior, nasty sex, and rigid personalities. Further, erotophobia helps cause hierarchic relationships: social inequality and irrational sexual fears are mutually causal! Here again, erotophobia helps produce the very forces that cause it. Only when our society overcomes irrational sexual fear will it truly embrace social equality and freedom.

Link to the Pivotal Press website featuring this book:   John Ince's The Politics of Lust

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