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Continuous Male Orgasms

This is the link to a website that has an article about continuous male orgasms. I'm not familiar with the article's author, nor have I actually read the rest of the site, "sexuality.org", run by "The Society for Human Sexuality". All I know is that I understand what this man is talking about, and I can do it. Colloquially we say "edging"or "gooning", but I like to think that this man goes just a little bit further in our understanding of what is happening to us. It seems like there is so much out there on this subject, and it seems like I've read it all...from Eastern sources, Western, and wherever else. But, to me, sexuality isn't a definative thing, with "an end" to it. Even if one doesn't completely agree with certain methods, goals, results, etc., the exploration of it all is a blessing in itself. Anyway, check out what this guy does...though I don't really think about all the medical-sounding "plumbing" up inside us that this guy describes, I know how he feels during his "ride".

Click this: Continuous Male Orgasms 

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  1. I like your approach "the exploration of it all is a blessing in itself". You have expressed it elsewhere as well.