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June 2012, at Nasalam

I'm Keith McPherson, a 54 yr old Gay Black Nudist, exhibitionist, and voyeur. I practice mainly solo-sex, meaning I'm into prolonged self-masturbation, for hours, colloquially known as "edging". I use Taoist, Tantric, and Egyptian  methods to not only prolong the pleasure, but to reach health and Spiritual goals as well.  When I do eventually ejaculate, I try to coincide my orgasm with a personal desire or wish...this is the Sex Magick I'm practicing, and learning more about everyday.

Since around 2008 or so, my prolonged edging sessions have made me coincidentally experience and understand the events described by two articles I've put in the menu bar of this blog: "Continuous Male Orgasms" and A.Y.P.'s "Constant Coming". I've made these articles available for 'erosapiens' readers to enjoy and share, but I must emphasize that I am not the author of any of the writings in each article, and also that I am not a medical professional in any sense, nor an authority on any Spiritual aspects of certain practices.

I also like male bare feet, barefooting (or "grounding"), CMNM, hairy or untrimmed men, and frottage. I've "been around the block" a few times, meaning, my 'heyday' was from the late 1970's through to the 90's. I was one of those early Disco-era guys leaning against a wall, "cruising" in the dark shadows of NYC's meat-packing district, just like in the Al Pacino movie "Cruising". I also lived and slunk around The Streets of San Francisco for 11 years, and in several other U.S. cities.

Another of my blogs, Satan 451, shows my interest and growing devotion to Satanic philosophies and values. The blog is not in affiliation with "Nasalam", the gay tantric community summarized in the menu bar.


net photo, selected by Sven

Sven McPherson is my 32 yr old Son, Lover, Phallic Brother, Student and Dear Friend. He lives in Germany and we've yet to meet physically. But our relationship is such that I refuse to ever put quotation marks around the word Son and all those other words, because to do so, to me, means it's not the real thing and just an imitation or whatever. I'm convinced that Sven and I make love and share Phallic philosophies with  depth, sincerity, and devotion equal to, if not above, most other in-person relationships.

net photo, selected by Sven as his avatar

 Sven chose to take my name online as his own, to show his love for me as My Son. Sven is devoted to The Horned Gods and God Cock, and has an eye for their breathtakingly beautiful images on the net. Sven also blesses me with his wonderful and thoughtfully written Phallic or Horned God prayers. Ich Liebe Dich, Sven.

O merciful Lord PENIS, Thou hast commanded and enjoined me to honor my father, and Thou Thyself hast shown even until death humble obedience to Thy Father, the HORNED ONE.
From the depth of my soul I fervently beseech Thee, O gracious PHALLUS, my God, hear my prayer and have mercy upon my daddy, who have given birth to me and are bringing me up in Thy grace and love. Protect him from all evil, harm and sickness;
 grant him health, and mercifully pour forth Thy bountiful blessings upon him.
Bless his efforts and deeds; have mercy on him according to Thy great mercy, that faithfully serving Thee, through them I also may be worthy to praise and serve Thee.

Our HORNED Father, who dwell between all men's legs, bless my father, my guardian, who is in authority over me, for his love and tender care for me, and the benefits I receive at his hands.
Help me, I pray Thee, to be respectful and obedient to him in all matters according to Thy will;
and give me Thy grace to perform all my duties carefully and faithfully, to avoid undesirable company and influence, and resist all temptation that may come my way;
that I may live a sober, righteous and godly life,
ever praising Thee and glorifying Thy Holy Name.

Thank you, Sven. Ich Liebe Dich.

More of Keith's oogly photos:

Keith, at Nasalam, 2003

Keith, March 2012, Atlanta

Keith, March 2012, Atlanta

Keith, March 2012, Atlanta

Keith, March 2012, Atlanta


  1. honey! Please, how can i manage all this feelings?
    Tell me, be my master, my counselor and my holy angel.
    I am for all of them that you want!
    I am your orgasm and male aparathus.
    Come with me! Come with me!
    Come... come...

  2. oh oh honey! how can i get to manage these feelings?? ... can you help me?? ...
    oh I would like you will be my master, my God and my special company.
    Come with me and you never go back!
    From Juan Domingo Mercury to You.
    N A S A L A M !

  3. thanks honey for give us that amazing beauty!
    I can't figth these feeling any more!
    How can I get that?
    Please, be my holy Master.
    Only you and me.
    N A S A L A M !

  4. I came upon your website quite by 'accident' and was totally intrigued with some of your points of view. I am of a Pan Africanist/Afrocentric perspective that is not as limited as some may think. It has opened me up to world once I discovered the truth about Africa, her people and her place in world history. I would love to have a discussion with you about what I perceive to be our 'commonalities' and differences! A very good buddy and I have been working on a concept called the 'malenasti'; not the spelling differentiates it from the common 'nasty' which has a very negative connotation; our philosophy refers to the nature of males with male being at the core of our existence rather than the social construct of being a ‘man’! I would love to share this with you to get your take on it. Is there a way we can communicate through private channels? Please let me know if you would be interested in such a discourse. Ahmasi

    1. Hi,
      I just got another copy of this letter from you today 12-26-12. It wasn't that I was ignoring you before when you wrote in August, the "reply" thing just didn't seem to work, and never really has with anyone who writes me. But I'm wondering if it has something to do with your being "anonymous", linked with the "no-reply" notice when your email comes to my g-mail. Anyway, you can write to me again at dhuniwala369@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you. Keith, 'erosapiens'

  5. Hello Brother! if you allow this old Swiss man to call you Brother because I'm praticing and learning along the same path as you. Looking at your Nasalam June 1012 photo, where you say you wanted to have a sexy sinister appearance, I look at your face and can plunge straight into your heart and your guts while quivering. I'm looking forward to learn a lot reading your blog. Thank you, Spirit bless you.

  6. I embrace your philosophy fully and urge you and your readers to visit my personal blog, too at http://oralcockworship.blogspot.com