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About erosapiens

erosapiens is my collection of quotes made by the famous and should-be-famous, that either directly address, clearly reflect, or inadvertently 'jive' with my own personal experiences, ponderings, daydreams, and periods of eroto-spiritual growth. The quotes also include 'generic' thought-provoking words of wisdom and such, that we can at least share, if not immediately apply to ourselves. My explanation of the word 'erosapiens' below is most likely inadequate in providing a solid and convincing-sounding definition, but that's why I'm drawn to and embrace these quotes...they speak to me, and for me when I fail to do so effectively.

'erosapiens' is a word I've adopted to describe myself, in my feelings that we as humans have worn out the label "homosapiens". I feel that we're well past the point of knowing about "everything" in the universe, and have accomplished absolutely nothing with all of this knowledge except increase the fear of each other, increase the fear of ourselves, erase the memories of our naked and erotic beginnings, and completely screw-up the planet in the process. So, to "fix" all that, I've become convinced that we simply need to somehow reconnect our "eros" with our "sapiens". I've used quotes from the famous and should-be-famous to do my talking for me, because they do a much better job than I ever could, and they entertain me with their liberating, down-to-earth, and unveiled revelations and affirmations. I feel that the quotes might help us all to learn how to bravely, unapologetically, and uninhibitedly reconnect our "eros" and "sapiens".

The sexuality quote in the blogheader above is from Dieter Duhm's book "The Sacred Matrix".
The "You don't.." quote is from the film "Minority Report".

Late September 2012

I'm about to change the theme of 'erosapiens'...rather, I should say I'm going to narrow it's focus. This time around, 'erosapiens' will strictly be a "one-stop-shopping center" for all things phallic, with links, articles and  photos about masturbation, edging, ejaculation, semen retention, orgasm, worship, masculinity, etc.. and the various world-wide spiritual/historical links to it all. I may still include some "deep" quotes here and there, but probably not as much, and not as "mainstream"-sounding as the ones before. My intent is to switch 'erosapiens' from being primarily "poetic" to more of an information source, where the quotes are still important but don't take center stage.
Instead of starting a whole new blog, I think I'm going to just continue on this same 'sheet' so I don't have to confuse everyone with a new address, myself included. If I do completely go somewhere else and have a new address, it might be when I switch to "Tumblr" or something. We'll see.

I hope you've enjoyed reading 'erosapiens' as much as I have creating it, and as always, I thank you for your support and brotherhood.

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