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I'm sure everyone has seen this fucker all over the net. The other shots I have of him, rip-roaringly hard and erect, are simply the definition of "obscene". I just love the look on his face in this one. Can you imagine walking around with THAT between your legs? Even soft?

Naked Energies

net photos

This is the link to John Veltheim's writings on nudism called "Naked Beneath Your Clothing". It covers many of the usual issues about nudism, but what I think is just as important is his writing on the health benefits of it. Some of the section titles are " The Metaphysics of Nudism", "Effects of Clothing on Energy Flow", "The Bioenergetics of Naturism", and "The Body as an Electrical Field". ( At some other time I might post another bit of writing, by other authors, on the benefits of going barefoot, or "grounding"...it's all the same thing, energy-wise.)

I know this all sounds like it's in the form of a long & boringly cerebral book, but it's not...it's just a healthy chunk of writing that I feel will make you even more enthusiastic about being and staying butt-nekkid as much as possible.

This intro and link will also be "a regular" in the menu bar beneath the blog header.


The Sex Closet

Here I go again with another deep quote...(Something tells me that one day 'erosapiens' might go back to being all-quotes, like towards the beginning of the blog in February 2012. I can't get away from them...they follow me...).
But this quote is too thought provoking to keep in the overstuffed quote box at the foot of my bed. I've been saving it for a rainy day (like today in Missouri), and, with all the nudists-vs-city hall rumblings in San Francisco lately, I thought this is the perfect rainy day for this voice to be heard again.

The quote is a question I found a long time ago, on the website of a well-known naked exhibitionist, "Bucephalus". The parts in parentheses are his writings as well. He asked:

"Does ignoring the erotic aspects of the nude body encourage acceptance of a clothes-free lifestyle?
Or does it just take naked people out of one closet (literally the clothes closet)
And put them into another (a metaphorical sex closet)?"



Thoughts From A Queer Nudist

These are just a few thoughts and photos from the blog "Thoughts From A Queer Nudist", by Woody Miller, a San Francisco, CA resident who boldly and confidently stands up for nudist and LGBTQ rights. I'm a former San Francisco resident from back when legal public nudity was unheard of, and I have nothing but the best of wishes for Woody and the many other people who have been instrumental in making positive changes for the city, and in the American attitude towards nudity as a whole. Woody's blog covers a wide range of topics and is definately a "must-read" for Queer Nudists everywhere.
 Long ago, I moved away from my small town home town partly because people called me disgusting when I walked down the street. (It is called homophobia, but I never like that term. It is NOT a fear, but rather a hatred!). It saddens me that not only young heterosexuals are now moving into my neighborhood--the neighborhood where I and many more like me, many who are now dead due to the pandemic, worked so hard to carve out a space in which to exist, live, celebrate, and thrive -- but assimilationist homosexuals as well, who now feel they have the right to tell me I am disgusting when I appear in public because I believe differently than they do.

For I believe that our bodies are not shameful, nor obscene, nor do they need to be constantly covered and hidden away. The exposure of ones body in public, the normalization of public nudity, is a healthy thing, it affirms our shared humanity and our connections with the biosphere we share with all other living things. The learned belief that our bodies are shameful, rude, and disgusting is harmful, it is a hatred, not an opinion. It is the hatred of the human body. How can we believe we are advanced, civilized, and cultured, when we harbor a hatred for our own bodies, a hatred for ourselves? I will continue to walk proudly naked in public.


At the 9-22-12 SanFrancisco "Nude-In"

The Valley

An excerpt from the blog "God, Cock"

'Revel in Possession'

The purity of our connection to God and the closeness of our relationship to Him when we as men experience orgasm is the height of our existence and the ruler by which we measure the proximity of all of our other moments to God. But orgasm should not be a mountaintop - distant and visited seldom; the task of the Cockworshipper is to bring the mountaintop to the valley and meadow of every moment. For those who "edge" or "goon" on a regular basis for hours at a time know this concept well. They would argue the buildup to the orgasm is the main event and that the orgasm itself is secondary to the submission of oneself to the unbearable pleasure of becoming one with Cock by discarding any remnants of self that are impediments to this blessed state of union. Serious gooners are well on their way to understanding the path of all Cockworshippers: to live inside suffocating Cocklust with every breath and to inflame one's passions anew each day, each hour for the satisfaction of the Beloved, the Deity men share between their legs.

The Orgasm of the Master

This is from gaybrotherhoodofsatan666.com  (net photos)

The Seed of the Master is the Key!

The slave must hunger for the Seed of the Master.

To the slave, Satan demands this: live for the Master's Seed; beg for the Master's Seed. This Seed is manna, Satan’s nourishment for the slave.

Each ingestion, each taking into itself of the Seed of the Master is Communion with Phallus. The Deep Voice of that which is Maleness in the Universe sings joyfully when the slave brings the Master to orgasm, when the slave takes into it the Seed of the Master.

The Seed of the Master is the one possession of the slave, the single need of the slave. Through the ingestion of the Seed, the slave becomes closer to Union with Cock, with Satan. As the Seed of the Master is devoured, the slave is born. This is the Sacred Work.

The Seed of the Master is the Mind of Phallus. The Seed of the Master is the Sacred Teaching of Phallos for the slave.

The Orgasm of the Master is the purest Teaching of Phallus. When the Orgasm of the Master is caused by the slave, the slave is embraced and taught by the Soul of Cock. When the slave gives pleasure to the Master, the two beings merge in Sacred Union. This merging of Master and slave is absolute with the Orgasm of the Master. This is the Light of Creation, the bringing into Being of the Conduits of Satan.

The mouth of the slave worships Phallus most purely by begging for the Master's Seed, by ingesting the Master's Seed. The mouth of the slave and the body of the slave are given by Phallos to the Master. When the Cock of the Master is inside the body of the slave, a Conduit is completed and the Power of Phallos flows into the world. The Masters are strong, human, powerful, connected to the Phallic Conduit that flows through Them. When the Cock of the Master, whether or not It is erect, is inside the slave, Satan’s Energy is flowing freely into the world and the Work is being done.

When the slave is accepted by the Master, the deepest purpose of the slave is to keep open the Conduit that Phallos may flow into this world. There is no higher purpose or good that can be done by the slave.

There are Masters whose Connection with Phallus requires that the slave be devoted to (and experience) only the Master's Cock and Body. There are Masters for Whom the Connection with Phallus is extremely complex and requires that the slave experience (and worship) the Cocks of many men.

The life-Path of the slave is to take the pure Sexual Energy of the Master into itself. The life-Path of the slave is to give itself as a willing instrument for the Pleasure of the Master and, through this, for the realization of the Religion, of the Presence.

The Master's Seed-taker. The Master's latrine. Uncomplaining, unthinking, existing as flesh to be used by the Master, for the Master's Pleasure. For the Master, the Pleasure given to His Cock is direct and absolute Communion with Phallus and is most completely provided by the slave given to Him by Satan.

The Seed of the Master and the Orgasm of the Master are the food of the essence of the slave. The Seed of the Master and the Orgasm of the Master are the binding of the slave to Phallus. The Seed and the Orgasm of the Master, taken into the slave, bring the slave closer to Union.

To the slave: the duty of the slave is the aggressive pursuit of the Seed of the Master, the aggressive striving to serve the Genital Pleasure of the Master by any method and for any amount of time required or desired by Him.

Live this way and serve Satan with humility and joy. May the ego of the man you once were dissolve forever in Service to Phallus.