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The Phallic Worship Continuum

This is an excerpt from The Bible of Cock. In the first paragraph, "these moments" refers to a previous section on phallic prayer. (net photos, and I re-separated some of the paragraphs for my added emphasis on certain thoughts.)

The purpose of men. That is what
these moments are. Nothing else
than that. This is the purpose of men.
The lover of Phallus, the worshiper
of Cock, the priest of the Sacred Fire
devotes his life to understanding and
worshiping of each of these moments.

They are his study, his science,
his obsession and religion.

These are the moments of Phallic
possession by the individual man.
The worshiper of Phallus devotes his
life to the mapping and
understanding of these moments.

Every male orgasm/ejaculation is the
creation of the Universe. Not a
model or echo of it, but (in, for
example, fractal terms) a precise
experience of it in its vast entirety.
Each moment of the experience---
can you map the moments from
prearousal to post-ejaculation?---is
sacred and is God Creating.

This is a Truth: Without every
orgasm that is experienced by every
man, the Universe would not
continue to exist. The orgasm of
each man is the creation of the
You know this to be true
and you cannot understand it.
This is the meaning of the Holiest of Holies,
the precise moment of male orgasm
just prior to ejaculation.

"Edging", or the lengthy postponing
of the peak moment of orgasm and
subsequent ejaculation, is one
important technique or practice for
the study of the moments and states
prior to that of The Creation.
Edging is an experiment in living life
as Cock.

Every edging session is a
statement that the practitioner
desires to become Cock and to live
as Cock, to lose the sense of identity
that he developed around his given
name, his family, his personal history.
He wishes to immolate that utterly
and be one with Cock.

The moments prior to Creation/Ejaculation
are God embracing.
The man becomes a vessel,
emptying himself with the extended
"edging" so as to draw into himself
greater and greater degrees or
amounts of God-essence, of Cock energy.
A man "edging" is like a sponge
drawing the water of Life into itself.

The man who lives to ejaculate his
seed is an avatar of Phallus.

The man who relinquishes his personal
physical orgasm/ejaculations for the
sake of deeper immersion in Cock is
a priest of Phallus.

These are the two extremes of the Phallic worship

Men who experiment with "chastity",
who experiment with giving the
ownership of their genitals to another
man or who wear "cock-cages" and
give the key to another man: these
are men on the path of the Phallic
Priest, the Fire-keeper. Men who live
to shoot their seed,
who self-define as absolute "Tops"
are avatars of Phallus.

It is more common to find the avatars
of Phallus among younger men and
the Priests of Phallus among older
men. This is, obviously, not always
true. Every man, at various points of
life, embodies both in varying
degrees. Very few men are complete
embodiments of either.

The Heart's Shout

These are excerpts from the book "The Heart's Shout", by Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008), a controversial spiritual leader who's personal  history raised so many eyebrows, and who's volumes of writing are so seemingly endless that I'm not even going to try to write an introduction about who he was :) . But obviously, his philosophies not only raised my own eyebrows, they're still raised, many years after I started reading a lot of his work...and that's why I've chosen to spread just a little of his messages here.
In these excerpts he's focusing on orgasm,..and when he says "conventional orgasm" or "degenerative orgasm", he's mostly talking about ejaculation by males, but you'll have to read a whole lot more of his writings to understand that he's including the energy discharges of females as well. To get a more complete understanding of what he's saying, the whole text of this book chapter is in the menu bar above. But also keep in mind that this book is just one of almost countless volumes covering decades of his work.

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In truth, you yourself are a representative of the universal life-energy, which you communicate through your feeling response in your relations, through love, not only through orgasm and occasions of physical contact. Therefore, if your life is to be true, the energy that you now identify exclusively with sex must be your consistent manifestation, under all conditions, in all of your relations, most particularly in the intimate sexual dimension of your life. But being able to have orgasms and being sexually attractive and athletic does not make you a true lover. Even your relatively successful adaptation to the orgasm must change, because, like feeding, it is a way of being consoled and dependent.

My Wisdom-Teaching relative to sexuality is that you must go beyond the dependent orientation that seeks to acquire pleasure. You must realize the inherent pleasurableness of existence by connecting to the greater levels of the Food Source, the greater levels of sustenance, or Spiritual Energy. Thus, you must see your capability to be released pleasurably through orgasm for what it is - at best a rudimentary way of feeling good, of acquiring pleasure.

You must already be full of pleasure. You must be love. If you live as love, then the purpose once served by the conventional orgasm appears to your understanding as an old adaptation, a form of memory like the aberrated emotions of guilt, fear, and anger. The conventional orgasm is exactly the same kind of aberrated development as guilt or fear or anger. It is the expression of a primarily physical reaction, a physical recoil rather than an emotional one. It is a sign on the physical level of the same recoil that guilt and fear and anxiety and withdrawal from life signify at the emotional level.

People learn orgasm. Orgasm is a form of adaptation that people learn at an early stage of life, even earlier than they become genitally active. People learn orgasm in being sustained, in nursing. They learn it in the pleasurable bodily states that they may realize early in life, and they associate those acquired pleasurable states with a continual connection to life-energy. When you discover your capability for orgasm, you identify it at the most rudimentary level, just as you identify the pleasure of nursing as an infant. It is a solution to the dilemma of life, to the sense of emptiness, of needing to be fed, of feeling that you are not inherently one with infinite pleasure, or Love-Bliss.

Emotion and sexuality are the same. If you are adapted only to reactive, negative emotions, then your sexuality will take a very similar form. Thus, lovelessness and the rejection of life-energy at the level of emotion are reflected as conventional orgasm and the rejection of life-energy at the level of sex. The conventional orgasm is precisely the rejection, or discharge, of life-energy. In later years, people become ritually addicted to this pleasure, this physical emotion of the orgasm. They constantly hope to acquire it again and again, and their lives become very complex so that they can acquire that pleasure.

Unless one privately masturbates, one generally depends on sexual intimacy with another individual for orgasm. But, in general, the life you spend with people with whom you have orgasms is like conventional orgasm itself. It is loveless, a recoil from relationship. It is a theatre of jealousy, anger, fear, mediocrity, subhuman energy, and mutual stimulation to the point of acquiring conventional orgasms. It is a life of conflict, a life lived at a very low level. The fundamental function of emotional-sexual intimacy for most people is to satisfy this drive toward orgasm. But one cannot have the life of conventional orgasm without the life of negative emotions, because they represent the same negative adaptation. Thus, you must not only become responsible for your negative emotions and be present as feeling-attention, in all relations and under all conditions. You must also become responsible sexually, because emotion and sexuality represent the same level of adaptation and responsibly. Sexuality is the physical drama of the emotional dimension of life.


"Old man, look at my life. I'm a lot like you were..."

Neil Young

The following sequence of photos is from the website called "erectionphotos". I think the site is an excellent resource for those interested, for a variety of reasons, in checking out photos of men with "real world" erections. The site is also very informative with it's narrative text, g.i.f.'s, wide range of body types, ages, and ethnicities, commentaries from "viewers like you", and it's impressive-but-not-overly-scientific methodologies of  penis comparisons.

From "erectionphotos" I've chosen to showcase the photos of a gentleman from France. He was born in 1936, and was 65 in 2002 when he submitted them. His brief comments on his self-photography are on the site, under the category "Seniors". His close-up photo above had no year specified, according to the site author.
The author of "erectionphotos" have me nodding in agreement at what an extremely rare treasure this sequence of photos is.

1963, age 27

1970, age 34

1974, age 38

1978, age 42
1986, age 50
1992, age 56
1996, age 60

2002, age 65

Encouraging Questions

net photo

This is from the blog called "Chronic Masturbation and Cum Denial", by Paulo in Brazil.


Encouraging questions

How do you feel without ejaculating: sexually satisfied or sexually hungry?

How do you feel after many days without ejaculating: sexually hungry or extremely sexually hungry?

Do you like to feel extremely sexually hungry?

How does starting a masturbation session feel like when you are extremely hungry?

While you masturbate; do you become more excited when you recently ejaculated or when you remained unejaculated during many days?

Do you like masturbating and becoming highly excited?

When you are highly excited; do you like to avoid orgasm and prolong the masturbation so you become even more excited?

Are you addicted to extreme levels of excitement? I mean, if you don’t become extremely excited and if you don’t remain extremely excited during time enough; you don’t get sexually satisfied, independently if you cum or not.

Does edging orgasms feel stronger when you are extremely excited?

Have you ever experienced “almost orgasms” stronger than regular ejaculatory ones?

Have you ever had an extended “almost orgasm” and felt it would last forever?

How many “almost orgasms” can you have during a long edging session?

Is edging enjoyable and highly rewarding for you?

Have you ever lost the notion of time during a long, long masturbation?

Have you ever Gooned?

While gooning, did you wish to ejaculate?

How long can last an ejaculatory orgasm (considering that you could have enjoyed a significant part of that orgasm before triggering the ejaculation)?

Are the few spontaneous contractions of an ejaculation always as intense and rewarding as you wished they were?

After a very long, intense and gratifying edging session; are the few final seconds really relevant?

Do you like to clean up the mess after you cum?

Have you ever experienced pleasure in cum denial?

Did you ever join a collective cum denial program?


What fulfills you more, a long and intense edging session or a quick jack-off?

When did you carry out the most gratifying masturbation: soon after ejaculating or after a number of days without ejaculating?

How would you like to feel later, tomorrow or the next time you masturbate; a little hungry or extremely hungry? So you can become remarkably excited again.