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The Center of Our Existence

"Il membro virile nascie nel mezo dell'omo!"

We've all seen Leonardo DaVinci's "The Vitruvian Man", a Renaissance-era masterpiece that needs no further "ordinary" commentary, even if you're just vaguely familiar with it via the movie "The DaVinci Code".  With the movie set aside, "The Vitruvian Man" is a drawing by DaVinci in which he tried to show the world the Divine Proportions of man's body. I said "tried" because something, as usual, 'got lost in the sauce' as century-upon-century's worth of art scholars, historians, museum curators, lecturers, and "viewers like you",  missed his matter-of-factly Phallic message by an inch or two.

His message was that there are two centers of man's body...one being the navel, or 'belly-button'. The other center is the Penis. In the drawing, if you use the circle around the man's body as the defining geometric reference, the navel becomes the center. But there's also the square...and if you use this square as the guide, bingo!...the Penis becomes the center of the body.

So now you're probably thinking, "...okay...and..?".
That's where this link comes in. The article is done by who looks to be a nicely reputable art scholar, and in just enough words as to not bore you to death with art history, she explains not only what I mentioned above with the circle, square & Penis,....but also something that would have been too earth-shaking for Davinci and his friends to actually 'preach' back then. Even though DaVinci's drawing looks "innocent", he and his contemporaries were trying to (delicately) show not only was the penis 'the (Jiggsian) center of our existence', but The Erect Penis was such. There are other Renaissance-era drawings by DaVinci's contemporaries that show this, and the article's author elaborates on them.

Here's the link to the article.

Leonard's Measure - The Genitals of Vitruvian Men



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